High hydrostatic resistance

Waterproofing membranes are highly flexible, they cover scratches in the floor and they are not sensitive to floor deformations

Waterproofing membranes can be installed in a wide range of temperatures from +5°C to +35°C

Any accidental damage in the waterproofing membrane is very easy to fix through gluing a patch of the same material onto it

An additional HDPE layer guarantees high resistance to tear, puncture and impact


High hydrostatic resistance

Wide range of usage

Vertical and horizontal waterproofing, balconies, terraces.


An additional HDPE layer guarantees high resistance to tear

Fast installation

Laying self-adhesive membranes and compressing them at the joints means that waterproofing job is done and further works can be performed immediately by other teams.


Easy way to fix any accidental damage

Easy application

Installation of waterproofing membranes is simple and user-friendly. There are no unpleasant odours or solvents causing eye irritation, the necessity to apply in high temperatures or to prepare mixtures, etc.


Simple waterproofing insulations for difficult places

Solutions of difficult places

Self-adhesive membranes can be used to moisture insulation on diffucult places in construction.



Bimecom S.A. - About company

Bimecom S.A. is a manufacturer of innovative, self-adhesive wateerproofing membranes Bimeq® of different thickness.

Waterproofing membranes consist of HDPE foil with an ultra-adhesive bitumen mixture modified with polymers. Due to that, they are used in vertical and horizontal water and moisture-insulation, outside buildings, underground parts of buildings, foundations, walls, foundation boards, wet rooms, terraces and balconies.

Along with Bimeq®, membranes, we offer an extensive range of accessories. Everything necessary to complete your membrane application.

Bimecom S.A. is a member of Aztec International S.A. Capital Group, the leading distributor on the European market, offering a vast range of powder painted screws (using the Master Coat® Technology). Master Seal® washers, Master Flash® roof/pipe flashings and Rubber Plug fastening systems.