Bimeq® GLUE

Bituminous polistyren foam glue

Solvent rubberized asphalt mass

Product description

Bimeq® GLUE is rubberized asphalt mass with added resins. The product contains a solvent which does not produce any degradation of polystyrene and which accelerates the drying process and strengthens the level of adhesiveness. The product is highly-flexible and the addition of resin makes it also highly-adhesive to any type of substrates – e.g. concrete, felt or metal sheets. It is ideal for gluing polystyrene, extruded polystyrene and roofing membranes to mineral substrates or felt.

Recommended use

Bimeq® GLUE is premium-quality asphalt mass recommended for:

  • gluing polystyrene, extruded polystyrene and roofing membranes to bituminous insulation, mineral substrates, trapezoidal metal sheets or hard mineral wool,
  • bonding layers of felt, waterproofing foundations,
  • protecting concrete from corrosion and humidity,
  • provides waterproofing effects immediately after application,
  • for outdoor use.


Surface preparation

Prior to the application of damp-proof or waterproof insulation, the surface must be made level (with no cracks, defects, protruding elements) and free from any dirt which may reduce the product’s adhesiveness (grease, oils, lubricants, laitance). The surface can be dry or slightly damp (this will significantly extend the binding time). Make all edges smooth, round off all the corners using cement mortar and install plaster coving inside joints between vertical and horizontal surfaces. Fill in any defects, joints, honeycombing or gaps. Prior to priming, fill in any irregular surfaces that have voids or protrusions with cement plaster.

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