Bimeq® PRIMER W1

Water-based bitumen primer

Dispersive asphalt-rubber mass

Product description

Bimeq® PRIMER W1 is water-based, solvent-free, bitumen-latex dispersion used for making the anti-moisture waterproof and impregnating coatings. It guarantees the formation of strong protective coating, resistant to moisture and the aggressive substances contained in soil.

The most important properties:

  • ready to be used, mixing would be enough,
  • to be used on dry and wet bases,
  • diluted in water, does not contain any solvents,
  • because of the small size of particles, it penetrates the pores and capillaries of mineral layers perfectly,
  • environmental-friendly and safe in contact with expanded polystyrene or wool,
  • it has thixothropic properties.

Bimeq® PRIMER W1 as high-quality waterborne bitumen-latex dispersion is excellent for:

  • making effective systemic anti-moisture and waterproof protections for roofs, flat roofs, concrete underlayment, cellars, baths, terraces, footings and foundations
  • making under-flooring insulation, conservation and renovation of asphalt roofing, making seamless and felt-less roofing reinforced with mesh and technical fabric
  • concrete protection against corrosion and moisture
  • after diluting with water , for making the ground and priming layers under the heat weldable roofing felts, bitumen, emulsions, masses and asphalt solutions.


Surface preparation

Prior to the application of damp-proof or waterproof insulation, the surface must be made level (with no cracks, defects, protruding elements) and free from any dirt which may reduce the product’s adhesiveness (grease, oils, lubricants, laitance). Make all edges smooth, round off all the corners using cement mortar and install plaster coving inside joints between vertical and horizontal surfaces. Fill in any defects, joints, honeycombing or gaps. Prior to priming, fill in any irregular surfaces that have voids or protrusions with cement plaster.

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