Bimeq® PRIMER W2

Water-based bitumen emulsion

Anionic bitumen emulsion of A type for spraying up

Product description

Bimeq® PRIMER W2 is water-based, solvent-free, bitumen-emulsion, specially prepared for spraying up method, used for making anti-moisture, waterproof and impregnating coatings. The high dry matter content amounting ca. 55-60% guarantees the formation of strong protective coating, resistant to moisture and the aggressive substances contained in soil.

The most important properties:

  • ready to be used, mixing would be enough,
  • to be used on dry and wet bases,
  • diluted in water, does not contain any solvent,
  • because of the small size of emulsion particles, it penetrates the pores and capillaries of mineral layers perfectly,
  • environmental-friendly and safe in contact with expanded polystyrene or wool,
  • it has thixothropic properties.
Recommended use

Bimeq® PRIMER W2 as high-quality waterborne bitumen emulsion is excellent for:

  • making the grounding, priming and protective layers with spraying-up method,
  • making effective systemic anti-moisture and anti-corrosive protections for foundations, footings, tanks, and septic tanks,
  • making under-flooring insulation,
  • spraying-up protection of the concrete against corrosion and moisture,
  • as priming layer under waterborne emulsions and asphalt dispersion.



Before starting the work, the emulsion must be mixed up carefully. For priming the absorbent, mineral surfaces depending on their absorbability, Emulbit should be diluted with water in proportion from 1:1 (1 part of Bimeq® PRIMER W2 per 1 parts of water) to 1:3. The mass is to be put the best onto the surface by means of sprayer for washing with operating pressure 0,45 MPa and the outlet nozzle diameter 3,0mm. The manual coating is also possible by means of brush or roller.

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