Bimeq® PRIMER W2

Water-based bitumen emulsion

Technical data
Base asphalt, water, upgrading additives
Application temperature from +5°C to +30°C
Drying up time (1mm of wet layer) max. 6 hours (air temperature 20°C, relative air humidity 65%)
Method of application spray-up, brush, roofwork brush
Density ca. 1,0 kg/dm3
Storage above +5°C
Shelf life 12 months after the date of production
Packages plastic containers 20kg, drums 200kg, pallet containers 1000kg

Work should be done under dry conditions at air and base temperature from +5°C to +30°C and at foreseen lack of precipitation during bounding. The bounding time depends on the air temperature and relative air humidity (for relative humidity at the level of 65% and air temperature at ca. 20°C, the proper coating will dry up for maximum 6 hours). The temperature rise and air humidity drop influence on shortening the bounding time. The temperature drop and humidity increase may elongate the bounding time several times. It is not recommended to conduct the work at the air humidity above 80%. During bounding, the insulation must be protected against frost penetration, contact with water and mechanical damage.

To avoid damaging the insulated surface e.g. during backfilling or land sliding, it is necessary to wait until the insulation complete drying occurs and to apply proper draining boards or other shields. The insulation damage may occure after covering it up with debris or coarse aggregate.


Work should be done according to the Occupational and Health Safety rules resulting from the material safety data sheets (MSDS) and package labelling.