Bimeq® SEAL

Roofing putty

Rubberized asphalt putty

Opis produktu i właściwości

Bimeq® SEAL is a single component, malleable, ready-to-use bituminous mass with a large quantity of added synthetic rubber. The mass is reinforced with fibres thanks to which it can withstand even considerable movement of the substrate. Forms insulating layers which are highly-resistant to the fractures caused by freeze/thaw cycles. Can be used on moist and wet surfaces.

Recommended use

The mass is intended for:

  • sealing of joints between metal – concrete – felt,
  • sealing of culverts in building structures,
  • repair and filling of defects in roof coverings (cracks, fissures, gaps, blisters, leaks),
  • localised, waterproof, elasto-plastic seamless sealing of underground structures,
  • repairs made with the use of felt,
  • filling expansion joints between working elements of concrete and steel structures.


Surface preparation

New cement must be allowed to cure prior to the product’s application on concrete and plasterwork. Do not apply over substrates that are frozen, contain frost or any standing water (recommended). Remove sand, leaves and loose parts of the substrate. In order to increase adhesion, use Bimeq® PRIMER R. (asphalt priming solution). Prior to sealing, round off all angles and corners using Bimeq® SEAL and leave until dry. Remove corrosion from metal surfaces, degrease the substrate and protect it from further rusting. Prime the substrate with Bimeq® PRIMER R and apply Bimeq® SEAL across the entire surface with a notched trowel. Press on the sheet and if required, affix with mechanical clamps

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