Bimeq® ALPHA

Self-adhesive waterproofing membranes

Self-adhesive Bimeq® ALPHA waterproofing membranes combine HDPE foil with ultra-adhesive bitumen mixture modified with polymers.



Vertical and horizontal water and moisture insulation, outside: buildings, underground parts of buildings, foundations, walls and foundation boards, wet rooms, terraces and balconies.

Features and advantages of Bimeq® ALPHA membranes
  • self-adhesive membranes are cold-applied, which eliminates the problem of heating, gluing, drying and seasoning of the concrete floor,
  • the application is fast and easy, laying self-adhesive membranes and compressing them at the joints means that waterproofing job is done and further works can be performed immediately by other teams,
  • waterproofing membranes can be installed in a wide range of temperatures from +5°C to +35°C,
  • waterproofing membranes are highly flexible, they cover scratches in the floor and they are not sensitive to floor deformations,
  • waterproofing membranes are characterized by high hydrostatic resistance,
  • an additional HDPE layer guarantees high resistance to tear, puncture and impact,
  • any accidental damage in the waterproofing membrane is very easy to fix through gluing a patch of the same material onto it.

Installation of waterproofing membranes is simple and user-friendly. There are no unpleasant odours or solvents causing eye irritation, the necessity to apply high temperatures or to prepare mixtures, etc.

Packaging and storing

Bimeq® membranes are available in rolls:
Roll 100cm x 10mb (24 rolls per pallet)

The product should be transported under cover, stored in dry rooms (protecting from UV) at the temperature of 5-40°C in a vertical position in the original packaging. Best to use within 24 months from date of production.