Bimeq® BETA

Technical data sheet

Self-adhesive, waterproofing membrane, polimer modified bitumen (SBS, SIS)
Dimensions: 10m x 1m x 1,7mm

PN-EN 13969:2006, PN-EN 13969:2006/A1:2007

Flexible sheet waterproofing – Bitumen damp-proofing products including asphalt for waterproofing underground elements


Vertical and horizontal water and moisture-insulation, outside: buildings, underground parts of buildings, foundations, walls, and foundation boards, wet rooms, terraces and balconies.

Definitions and specifications
Basic propertiesTest methodUnitResults Bimeq® BETAValue or statement
Reaction to fire EN 13501 - E  
Water resistance EN 1928 - Water resistant under pressure 400 kPa method B
Impact resistance EN 12691 mm 350 method A


Longitudinal direction

Transverse location

EN 12317





65 ±10

80 ±10

joint width 50mm

Low temperature flexibility EN 1109 °C -25  

Mechanical properties – tensile strenght

Force in the longitudinal direction

Elongation in the longitudinal direction

Force in the transverse direction

In the transverse direction

EN 12311-1








65 ±10

230 ±100

65 ±10

220 ±205

test specimen length 150mm

Tear resistance (with a nail)

In the longitudinal direction

In the transverse direction

EN 12310-1





90 ±10

105 ±10


Water resistance after ageing
(under pressure 60 kPa)

EN 1928 after research EN 1296


Meet the requirements

method B
Additional propertiesTest methodUnitResults of Bimeg®Value or statement
Lenght EN 1848-1 m ≥ 10  
Width EN 1848-1 m ≥ 1  
Thickness EN 1849-1 mm 1,7±0,2  
Visible defects EN 1850-1 - no visible defects  
Straightness EN 1848-1 mm meet the requirements